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In January of this year, the Board agreed on a Strategic Plan for the club.

Copies are available if anyone wants to read it, but essentially the plan consists of the following:

  • Focus on coaching. This was determined to be the number one goal of the plan, being able to offer quality coaching to all players in the club, all ages and all skill levels. In April we signed Ben Williams as Director of Coaching, Ben will direct all coaching for the club, ably assisted by Danru Ferns. As well as club coaching, Ben and Danru will be running a cricket academy, first course started on July 24.
  • School outreach. We have 44 schools in our cricket area, 28 primary schools, 7 Intermediate/Middle schools and 9 secondary schools. We believe this is the largest concentration of schools for any Auckland club. This year we will start to provide coaching and tournament opportunities for these schools.
  • Organisation, developing an efficient, profitable organisation. The changes to the board, changes to our admin organisation and technology (fibre optic cable, upgraded website, ability to work remotely) are all designed make us more efficient.
  • Facilities, providing our players with the best playing and practice facilities. This includes upgrading the clubrooms, not just general maintenance, but also improved technology and a general smarting up of our image.
  • Recognised by the wider cricket community as a positive influence on NZ cricket and by the community of East Auckland as a positive influence on the area. Next year we will be forming a nationwide club cricket network, this year we’re embracing the local sports community by partnerships with the likes of the Buckland Beach Association Football Club.