Mission, Values & Strategic Plan



Enjoyable social and competitive cricket for the East Auckland community.


Inclusion: East Auckland is a diverse community, HPCC will facilitate inclusive cricket for young and old, male and female, and for the ethnic populations of the community.

Respect: All activity at HPCC will respect the rights and roles of each individual member, of opponents and of officials.

Laws and Spirit of Cricket: All activity at HPCC and the actions of all members of HPCC will uphold The Laws and Spirit of Cricket.

Health and Well-being: All activity at HPCC will promote a safe and healthy physical, social and emotional environment.


Engagement: Engage the East Auckland community in the club and in the game of cricket.
Prepare, resource and deliver special programmes to support local schools cricket participation and cricket coaching.

Administration: Prepare and implement an Organization and Management that supports a positive life and cricket experience for all members, in a sustainable, inclusive and efficient manner.

Facilities: Within available resources, provide the facilities and support, to deliver the Engagement and Administration Goals.


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